Creative leathership

We want to free leather of the constrictive symbolic context it is often confined to and restore its role as a living, authentic material, close to our “human” existence, bringing it into spaces that have until now been unimaginable.

Pride design, produce and distribute products which are original and unusual in their intended use. They are designed to combine aesthetic uniqueness and functionality with naturalness and softness of made in Italy hides.
Quality is an absolute necessity for the Pride product, firmly established in the knowledge of hides and careful selection and transformation of the raw material before it comes to the traditional tanning processes and adds in cutting edge experimentation.

Luigi Priante
Luigi Priante
Yesterday embraces the future and the future started thirty years ago.
“I proudly believe that leather is a unique, versatile and precious material, with remarkable value in its use, too often confined to a limiting symbolic context”.

Luigi Priante, a creative, eclectic entrepreneur, has created synergy between the historical family tannery business, founded by his father, and the versatile use of leather in design. 30 years of history enhance his wealth of knowledge and skills. The know-how gained from producing hides for the furnishing, clothing and leather goods, nautical and aircraft industries is an asset that flows in every Pride leather proposal.
Our Brands
Our Brands
Innovative product lines for luxury furnishing and interior design are born of Pride’s creativity and technology.
The spaces we live in reflect a way of being, our way. They communicate, they express a style, our style.
Those who choose leather to clothe the spaces of their daily lives require exclusiveness and uniqueness; they desire warmth and naturalness, sensuality and seduction. The whole world, at their feet.
Leather fascinates, embraces, protects. And it gives a welcoming sense of comfort and serenity, sensuous and pleasing to the touch.
A myriad of harmonious colours
The Gemme Collection of leather modules for wall linings redesigns rooms with Mix&Match, an elegant range of aesthetic and colour proposals. Seven colour palettes are divided into twenty-eight nuances, carefully selected to be in line with the trends and easily combined in up to the minute wall compositions.
Beyond the colour, the Gemme Mix&Match Collection frees the interior designer’s creativity with its broad range of three-dimensional forms, surfaces in full grain or nubuck leathers, matching formats, all modular on the basis of individual stylistic sensitivity.
The tactile pleasure and sensorial richness of the leather add the final, extraordinary, inimitable touch to every design. Thanks to its elegance and preciousness, the leather lends itself to clothing rooms in residential (bedrooms, living areas, dining rooms), hospitality (hotels, restaurants, lounge bars, clubs), business (offices, conference rooms boutiques) and nautical contexts.