Company Profile

Creative leathership

Pride design, produce and distribute products which are original and unusual in their intended use. They are designed to combine aesthetic uniqueness and functionality with naturalness and softness of made in Italy hides. Quality is an absolute necessity for the Pride product, firmly established in the knowledge of hides and careful selection and transformation of the raw material before it comes to the traditional tanning processes and adds in cutting edge experimentation.

Our Vision

We want to free leather of the constrictive symbolic context it is often confined to and restore its role as a living, authentic material, close to our “human” existence, bringing it into spaces that have until now been unimaginable.

Deep roots

Our journey in the world of leather has deep roots in time and space. It began in 1956, when Lino Priante set up his own tanning business in Valle del Chiampo, which quickly became a point of reference for the Italian and international furnishing industry. His son Luigi inherited his love of the leather material, which he has been able to interpret through creative research and constant experimentation. Pride represents a project, a challenge, a desire: to give form to finished products in leather for interior decorations, in which the natural beauty of the material blends with the contemporary design.